Our context is one of confusion and despair, cultural value system is corrupted, and we are in dire need for a actualization of the concept of virtue.

There are three things a world leader needs right now to move us forward:

I have a bad memory, dont know how i came across him, but we all scour constantly for new food for thought.. must be over 7years ago.

I loved him, well I still do, just that im attracted less by his art, depending on the topic / conviction he is…

Like my mentor keeps saying, start with the essential:

Efficiency >> Integrity — Physical and Conceptual.

our trigger > need for efficiency. absolutely everything boils down to it.

Lets start with the most controversial and important one for our physically non threatening context —

conceptual integrity has the purpose of…

it’s essential for an actor to understand the variables of the system they are working with, especially when troubleshooting. being able to decompose / translate every action and behavior into variables, will allow for highly effective development processes.

============= highlevel philosophy [ERA]

value system
1 E.fficiency
2 R.esilience depends on q.logic+resources

I’ve tested and retested, studied and discussed, and I’ve made a ton of progress. Lets sum it up:

The two main camps im seeing are the zero carb one (or zero plants) and the dry fasting one. …

Fat Cells React To Cold Temperatures By Burning Calories For Heat

Started with a hormetism article 5–6 years ago, that convinced me through sheer logic (body adapting to “poison”) to try it out. So did cold showers, it was a great timing, mid of winter, there was this DOTA championship i wanted to watch so i woke up 4–5am jumped into…

Razvan Florentin Popescu

INTP/ENTJ. #nvc #hoops #objectivism

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